About Us

Universal Starbox Limited (USL) is a Scottish based Development Company owned and personally managed by four multi-disciplined and experienced Directors operating within all aspects of the property market. Our management team’s vast experience extends from owning a Construction Company and a Specialist Surfacing Company to Overseas Property Ownership, Property Rental, Historic Re-development and Bespoke Executive New BuildProjects.

USL’s vision is to build prestigious family homes that embody innovation with unrivalled quality creating a legacy of pride and value.

Finalist Large Luxury Home of the Year Award 2008

Our Philosophy

USL has a simple and straight forward Philosophy – we seek and expect a level of construction competence to produce a level of ‘Excellence beyond Reason’.

At USL, we believe in investing in relationships built on a foundation of uncompromising integrity, creating a winning environment of pride and passion within a healthy team spirit . We are committed to building ‘Homes of Distinction ’ with unparalleled quality by working in partnership with exceptional craftsmen, premier supply firms and Professional Practices using the highest quality of materials and leading edge technical innovation.  Our utmost attention to detail will ensure magnificent dwellings for the 21st Century’s discerning professionals to offer the pinnacle of luxury living today.

USL will set an enviable new benchmark for property standards in Scotland.

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